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Unit 45 Fitness, a Premium Gym in Kochi, your destination for comprehensive fitness solutions. We specialize in Fitness Classes, Gym Membership, Personal Training, Weight Loss programs, and Health and Wellness services. Our experienced trainers guide you through Yoga Classes, Strength Training, Cardio Workouts, and Nutrition Coaching, ensuring your fitness journey is both effective and enjoyable. Whether you’re aiming to shed pounds, build strength, or simply enhance your overall well-being, we’ve got you covered

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Our signature Program

Our signature U-45/90 program which comprises specialized workouts and nutrition plans designed completely according to your body type which will transform your entire body whether you are looking for fat loss muscle gain or even general fitness within a time span of 90 days


Personal training

Our personal trainers are international qualified from Active iq they delivers safe and effective exercise programs for healthy individuals and groups, or those with medical clearance to exercise. They motivate clients by collaborating to set goals, providing meaningful feedback, and by being a reliable source for accountability.

olympic lifting


Welcome to the world of strength training, Our trainers will help you to learn the basics of strength training including
•weight lifting


Nutrition Consultation

Our team of Certified Nutritionist will help you customise your daily calorie intake according to your desired goals including

Fat loss
Muscle gain
General fitness
Event or sport



If your goal is to participate in a bodybuilding show or to build a muscular body our team of experts will design a regimen of exercises designed to enhance the body’s muscular development and promote general health and fitness to display in artistic fashion pronounced muscle mass, symmetry, and definition for overall aesthetic effect.


Cardio Training

Your first step in choosing the right cardio workout for you is to figure out what kind of activities you enjoy. We offer you a wide variety of cardio experiences. In U45, you have access to many options in the form of stationary bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, climbers, skiss and many more


Strength and conditioning

Our performance professional who uses exercise prescription to improve the performance of competitive athletes or athletic teams.This is achieved through the combination of strength training, aerobic conditioning, and other methods.


Gx/ Group class

We offer a wide range of group class including
Dumbell blast
Ab crusher

woman-during-inbody-test-at-spa-picture-id1289435267 (1)

Inbody Checkups/

We have the best in line inbody tests to analyse your

Body fat percentage
Muscle Mass
Visceral fat
Areas of obesity
Vitamins deficiency and so on


Injury Rehabilitation

If you are suffering from skeletal structure problems such as backpain,knee pain, arthritis,tennis elbow,elbow tendonitis or sprains we have a team of physios and rehab specialist to help you

Vitamins deficiency and so on


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UNIT45FITNESS , 2nd floor Puthuran Plaza, Metro Piller No – 705, KPCC Junction, MG Road near Maharajas college ground,  cochin kerala, Pin 682011